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Links and Integrated EFTPOS         

To increase the quality of customer service centre’s can provide and decrease the time required to facilitate transactions, Links can also provide EFTPOS Integration. This delivers a solution to ensure the right amount is processed through the EFTPOS Terminal with no need for double entry.

Once setup and configuration are complete, any products or services sold via POS (over the counter) as EFTPOS will be automatically passed to the EFTPOS Terminal via the integration for payment with no rekeying required (removing human error). Once payment is attempted, the success or failure response is passed back to Links POS screen and is either recorded or alerted for a retry attempt to be made.

Links’ financials interface enables clients to map accounts within Links to accounts within the client’s ledger system of choice. Daily journals are then extracted automatically from Links and made available in CSV files for import into the ledger system.


Nowadays we recommend the use of TYRO over PC-EFTPOS if you haven’t already engaged a banking partner, as this solution has greater flexibility as the device is not connected directly to the PC like PC-EFTPOS.

Tyro is a fast and reliable solution that integrates seamlessly with Links.

The device is paired with the PC/hosted user session much like pairing Bluetooth with your mobile phone. This means that the solution can become mobile.


Phone: +61 2 8907 1700



PC-EFTPOS allows for the customer to continue to have a relationship with their current banking provider as they sign up for PC-EFTPOS with their bank. TYRO Payments is a third-party payment gateway which means that TYRO will process the transaction and then deposit the funds into the nominated bank account. The client will need to create an account with Tyro to process CC and EFT transactions.

With PC-EFTPOS the device connects to the PC and uses the PC's internet connection to connect to the bank. With TYRO the device plugs directly into the internet/Wi-Fi and has a 3G backup should local internet not be available. As there is a 3G sim card in the device and the device can be paired with a server login, a user could sign into Links on a tablet and use the paired device mobile rather than being tied down to POS desk.


The process for installing Tyro or Integrated EFTPOS is as follows:

  • A new Tyro terminal is ordered from Tyro or PC-EFTPOS compatible terminal is ordered from the bank that allows integration with the PC. This terminal then needs to be activated by Tyro or the bank when it arrives on site. Tyro will activate over the phone, and for PC-EFTPOS this usually involves a representative from the bank being on site. If your bank confirms that your current terminals allows for this integration, this step is not required.
  • You need to install the third-party app, TYRO or PC-EFTPOS, on the PC and configure this.
  • After the Tyro or EFTPOS terminal is installed, activated and configured, an LMS representative will need to log into Links on all of the PCs and finalise the integration and test that it is working. This can be completed remotely provided we have Team Viewer or other remote access details and does not require a site visit.

This process usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on Tyro or the bank. 


The PC-EFTPOS application allows online transactions to be processed for Debit Cards (Savings and Cheque accounts), Credit Cards (Bankcard, Visa and MasterCard) and Charge Cards (American Express, Diners Club and JCB)

When PC-EFTPOS is configured to be used with a POS, all the EFTPOS functionality is initiated through a POS system.

When integrating this with Links, there is only ever communication between Links and the EFTPOS terminal; it never talks to PC-EFTPOS directly.

Also, Links only ever talks to the terminal when the EFTPOS button is selected by a User in POS.

Once the EFTPOS button is selected, the EFTPOS terminal then talks to PC-EFTPOS (during this time, Links waits for a response from the EFTPOS terminal).

PC-EFTPOS is enabled per Host machine by the Links Client Services Team.

Prior to this however, PC-EFTPOS will require to be arranged and configured by PC-EFTPOS directly.

Phone: +61 2 9998 9800


When PC-EFTPOS integration is being used in a Terminal Services environment, we use our RDPVC application to pass the communication to and from Links and the EFT terminal.

This application makes use of Remote Desktop services by using Virtual channels as a software extension (used to add functional enhancements to the Remote Desktop Connection)

Please find below our Installation guide.


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