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We're Hiring!
Posted by Maddison Mitchell on 21 February 2019 10:39 AM

Come join the Links Australian Team!

We currently have a number of exciting opportunities to join the team at Links!

All positions are located at the Links Head Office in Melbourne.

The current role opportunities include:

  • Account Manager
  • Software Trainer
  • Client Services Officer

If you are interested in joining the Links Team in any of the above roles - then we want to hear from you!

If you have any questions, or would like to forward us your resume, please drop us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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ActiveCarrot Release Version 0.100.005
Posted by Amy Wallace on 14 February 2019 07:42 AM

ActiveCarrot Version 0.100.005 has been deployed on all ActiveCarrot sites.

Please see below for a list of new features and bug fixes.



AC-5235 - ActiveCarrot Pre-Registration - when class is full change label from Pre-Register to waitlist.




AC-5186 - Classes with no vacancies are appearing on the public page when SHOW FULL CLASSES is disabled in Manager Portal.

AC-5531 - Classes: Classes can be overbooked where make-up booking is booking the last vacancy in a class.

AC-5212 - ActiveCarrot: discounted holiday program bookings writing full value to Links and not discounted amount.




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ActiveCarrot Release Version 0.052.096
Posted by Mel Charles on 10 July 2018 10:36 AM

ActiveCarrot Version 0.052.096 has been deployed on all ActiveCarrot sites.

Please see below for a list of new features and bug fixes.


E4879 – Student Number displayed in ClassMobileManager

The Student Number has been added in brackets next to the Student Name in ClassMobileManager.

E4901 – CSS box for Progress Reports

There is now the ability to design the Class Progress Reports using Text, CSS, or HTML coding.

E5386 – Mobile Responsive Online Membership Pages

There are now two new Mobile Responsive URLs available in ActiveCarrot.

Public Online Memberships:{SITE_ID}

Public Prospect Registration:{SITE_ID} 

If you are utilising the Membership Product Grouping function, this is also available as a Mobile Responsive page:{SITE_ID}/{GROUP_ID}

Please note, you will only have access to these pages if you have purchased the ActiveCarrot Full Suite or ActiveCarrot Members Suite. If you are unsure as to what suite you have purchased please contact your Account Manager.

The branding for these pages can be completed in the ActiveCarrot Manager Portal> Site Configuration> Public Branding Responsive and Public Branding - Basic.


E5529 – Updates to Eblast 2.0 Macros

The Person ID is now available to be inserted as a macro into campaigns in Eblast 2.0. 

Macros can now be added to hyperlinks in Eblast 2.0. Users can now add a macro to hyperlinks to allow Customer data to be sent to the destination when the hyperlink is clicked by Customers. To include a macro into a hyperlink the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Add ?macros=1 after the URL
  2. The macros to be used need to be placed inside braces {}
  3. Multiple macros can be added in the URL and can be separated by an ampersand &

Here is an example of how it can be used:

Entering{PERSON_ID}&given_name={FIRST_NAME} will become

Entering{PERSON_ID}&{FIRST_NAME} will become 


B5638 – When searching Group Fitness Classes/Sessions in the Customer Portal on a Mobile Device the back button now works as intended.

B6954 – Special characters in Student Comments no longer cause Classes to be hidden from ClassMobileManager.

B6982 – When purchasing a Membership through the Customer Portal, Customers can no longer close the payment screen that pops up for ActiveCarrot sites using Direct to Bank as their payment gateway.

B6983 – The Days Before/After Birthday filter in Eblast 2.0 now calculates correctly.

B7010 – The Student Skills achieved through Links are now displaying correctly in the Customer Portal.

B7034 – When sending Class Progress Reports through the Manager Portal the loading error screen no longer displays.

B7045 – Phone numbers now display correctly, and can successfully be updated in the Customer Portal, if they contain spaces. Phone numbers starting with 0 are also now displaying correctly.

B7066 – Past dates for Golf Bookings are no longer able to be viewed.

B7078 – The 'Days in Advance' setting now behaves the same for Session Bookings through the Customer Portal and Public Session Bookings Page.

B7079 – $0.00 Visit Passes can now be processed through the Customer Portal.

B7088 – Spelling errors have been fixed in the Facility Booking Confirmation Emails.

B7092 – The Product/Service quantity now displays on the order when viewing Online Orders through the Manager Portal.

B7093 – The payment screen will no longer accept non-numerical characters in the suffix field of the bank debit entry field. Please note this affects New Zealand ActiveCarrot sites only.

B7101 – Booked Session times will now update in the Customer Portal if a Session time is amended in Links.

B7102 – Class Booking Confirmation Emails for Term Bookings no longer show reference to Direct Debit payments.

B7105 – Golf Booking Confirmation Emails are no longer sent to the Customer when payment has not been successful, and errors have been displayed on screen.

B7122 – Fees paid through the Customer Portal for Holiday Program Classes are now reported in Links correctly against the Customer's account.

B7127 – The number of characters allowed in an email campaign in Eblast 2.0 has been increased so that the bottom of emails do not get cut off when sent.

B7132 – The PDF Membership Form now displays the discounted price, not the original price, of a Membership when an override is applied through MembershipMobile.

B7134 – When purchasing a Membership through the Customer Portal, agreeing to the Terms and Conditions is now mandatory for ActiveCarrot sites using Direct to Bank as their payment gateway.

B7136 – Error message indicating that a booking has not been successful no longer displays on ActiveCarrot after processing a payment for a Class booking in the Customer Portal.

B7138 – If a Customer who is currently on suspension attempts to book into a Session online, they will be charged the Casual rate.

B7142 – Memberships can now be processed through MembershipMobile if upfront payment is not set to Charge Fees Up Front for ActiveCarrot sites using Debitsuccess Full Service as their payment gateway.

B7166 – Errors experienced when sending the Class Progress Report through the Manager Portal have been rectified.

All clients who allow automatic updates of the ActiveCarrot service will already have access to these new features. To view what ActiveCarrot version you are currently on, log into your Manager Portal and click on the Connectivity menu option. The SoapApiVersion should display 0.052.096.


If you do not allow automatic updates of the ActiveCarrot service please contact the Client Services Team at or by submitting a ticket through the Support Portal so that we can manually update your version. To ensure your ActiveCarrot service is kept up to date we highly recommend allowing automatic updates.

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Saving/Vaulting Credit Card Issue - TLS 1.2 Error - FIX - Update
Posted by Neil Uden on 06 July 2018 10:00 PM

Our hosted service provider has completed the below for all Links Cloud/hosted sites so there is no action required from you. You should now be able to enter credit card details as normal. If you are still receiving the error however, please submit a support ticket for further assistance. 

If you host Links locally you will need to perform the below steps on each of your computers in order to save credit card details. If you need assistance in completing the steps provided please ask your local IT to assist, as they will be most familiar with any user or security restrictions on your computers. If your local IT encounter any issues please have them setup Links Remote Support and contact our support team.  

Thank you.

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Saving/Vaulting Credit Card Issue - TLS 1.2 Error - FIX
Posted by David Walden on 06 July 2018 02:48 PM

To our Valued Clients

Some of you have reported an issue with the vaulting of credit cards, as well as a small number also reporting an issue with sending a Direct Debit run.

We have determined the cause of this issue is the limited to IntegraPay clients only, and is the result of the disabling of all TLS protocols below the now industry standard of TLS 1.2.

In order to bypass this restriction, all computers that need to communicate to IntegraPay need the updates to their software.

Any computer that is used for the following:

- the vaulting of customer debit information (via Alter Debit Details)
- where the Links Payment Service (LinksService) is installed

needs the following changes:

Step #1 - Ensure that the computer has, as a minimum, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed.

There are multiple methods to do this, but the below is the one of the best methods:

It is imperative that the following registry addresses exist:



Step #2 - Import the updated registry workaround.

IMPORTANT NOTE - altering your Windows Registry can be dangerous and should only be performed by an IT Professional. DO NOT continue if you are in any way unsure of the instructions.

Download the registry import file HERE

Save it to the Desktop of the computer that needs the fix and double click (or right click and choose MERGE).

You may receive a Warning, click RUN or OK.

You should receive a User Control warning, click YES.

The information will then be imported to your Windows Registry.

If applying this to the computer with the Links Payment Service, please restart the service.

If applying to a computer with the Links client, please restart the application.

If you have any issues performing these tasks, please contact your applicable Support line.



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